K-bar®   hex anchors 

Together with the reintroduction of studwelding to oil refineries in the early 90's, K-bar® hex anchors have helped to eliminate the many problems that have long plagued maintenance people dealing with hexmesh mats.   With the K-bar(tm), prefabrication work is eliminated.   Cutting, bending and fit up in the field is unnecessary.     But, the intention was not just to create a device that was easier and quicker to install,  but also performed better in service.   Since 1992, millions of the fasteners have been installed in oil refineries worldwide.    And the track record speaks for itself.    K-bar(tm) hex anchors have out performed hexmesh mats in every case.   Virtually zero deformation and no heaving after numerous thermal cycles.    But, as with any product, the key to success is proper installation.   End users are cautioned that it is imperative that the fasteners be installed by technicians supervised by someone that is proficient in the technique of stud welding.    Kraemer Gunite supervisors and technicians routinely travel around the world supplying and installing the refractory fasteners for major oil refiners.




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