FACTS   (Field Accounting Cost Tracking System©) 


Refractory lined equipment is often inaccessible during operation.    As such, anticipating repairs to refractory linings is often educated guesswork at best.  However, sophisticated customers such as oil refiners and power plant managers demand responsible, intelligent and accountable allocation of their resources during hurried plant shutdowns.    With time at a premium, and an often changing work scope,  knowing project costs in "REAL TIME" gives managers the basis they need to make quick decisions to modify the contracted work as budget allows.     FACTS© detailed accounting software complies with most all contract reporting requirements and is sufficiently flexible to meet custom summary reporting at no additional cost.   FACTS© tracks the clients maximum financial exposure and locks directly into the Kraemer invoice process.   The result is a straight forward and streamlined management information system that lets the customer know exactly where the resources are allocated at any point in time.    This allows all involved to concentrate on getting the job done properly, within budget and without delay.


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