Studwelding vs. Stick welding

        Just mention welding and you conjure up images of a helmeted man creating a rooster tail of flying sparks.   And welding in this manner is still quite useful on a small scale.  But if you want to increase production, reduce cost and improve quality on a large scale project, studwelding is the answer.    And over the past 20 years, the refractory installation industry has undergone a technological transformation.   Equipment designed and utilized to construct bridges, high rise buildings, ocean liners, automobiles, submarines and aircraft, among other things, is being applied successfully toward installing steel refractory anchors in oil refinery and power plant equipment.    For those keen to this technology, the days of stick welding thousands of anchors by hand are long gone.     No longer does the quality of the weld rely on the ability of the technician.    With properly set up equipment critical tasks of creating the ideal arc length and controlling the size and location of the molten weld pool are preset and dialed into the installation equipment.   All left for the technician to do is load the stud gun, place it firmly against the parent metal and pull the trigger.      The rest is automatic.    And the results speak for themselves.    Higher productivity, lower cost and superior quality     Since our adoption of this technology in 1989, Kraemer Gunite technicians have installed millions of anchors using the studwelding process, and with virtually zero failures!     Inspectors witnessing studwelding in action, and viewing and testing the results, come to demand studwelding as the preferred method of attachment.    Many references can be provided.     If you're having thousands of anchors installed by stick welding you're missing out on the huge cost savings and improved reliability that can be realized with studwelding.    Contact us today for more information.    We'll even send you a free sample to inspect for yourself.       


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