Quite often, the steel shells of older heaters, furnaces and boilers are somewhat deteriorated but still serviceable.   Designed to bridge thinning steel sections and allow welds to be made in a stronger nearby location, the patented K-strip(tm) anchor bar consists of 1/4" flatbar in 10 foot lengths with refractory anchors preinstalled in a specified pattern.    This eliminates the problem of weak anchor installation due to parent metal quality.    With the anchors installed on the new bars in a regular pattern, welders can make the best choice along the bar for their weld locations.    The anchor pattern remains regular and the welds are stronger than if the anchor were installed directly on the old steel.   Once the K-strip(tm) anchor bars are installed, the old casing is reinforced and the refractory installation can commence just as if the anchors were installed onto new casing.    The revolutionary method of refractory anchor installation has extended the service life of many older units.     Contact Kraemer Gunite, Inc. today to see how K-strip(tm) can help on your special project.


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