Water can be extremely corrosive to concrete, especially when it contains salts, waste and chlorine.   Municipalities are faced with these challenges unique to their water treatment systems and also their water front structures.    For example:


Manhole Deterioration

Water Tank Corrosion

Concrete Depletion

Salt Water Damage


Spillway Problems

Leaky Expansion Joints


Sink Holes


Kraemer People are familiar with the latest products specially made to resolve these issues.  Including:


Waterstop Foam Injection

Polymer Concretes

Type V Concrete Mixes

Calcium Aluminate Concrete

White Concretes

Acid Resistant Concretes



   And once again, Gunite has proven to be one of the best ways to make repairs.   The Gunite process applies new concrete using air under high pressure.  This results in a dense product with excellent bond strength and low porosity which resists absorption.  In addition, epoxy and polymer topcoats are available to further prolong the service life of concrete in harsh conditions.    Contact us today to find out more!    We're always glad to help.     



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