Since the very start in 1974, our #1 Specialty? - Cat Cracker (FCCU) Turnarounds.   We average 5 turnarounds per year while maintaining a stellar reputation for completing jobs within schedule and budget.   Our planning, labor, materials and safety management, and all logistical work critical to a successful project are second to none.  Since 1974, we've helped engineers and managers tackle some of the toughest refractory problems within the tightest schedule & budget constraints.   Kraemer People do this in a number of ways.   For example:  


Removing Refractory Work from the Critical Path

Developing Efficient Work Sequences

Optimizing Scaffold & Lighting Plans

Simplifying Refractory Removal And Debris Handling

Hydro-Demolition Consideration

Materials Management Plans

Anchor ID Stamping to Verify Metallurgy

Utilize ASME QC Testing of Anchor Systems

Color Coding of Refractories

Selection of Environmental Control Methods

Procedural Coordination with Refractory &

  Equipment Manufacturers

Full Cooperation With Owner & Third Party Inspection

Establish and Maintain Harmonious Labor Relations

Reduce Refractory Dry-Out Duration

Photo Journal Recording


These tasks are carefully considered on each project regardless of size and type,  for example:  


Refractory Lining Upgrades

Boiler, Furnace & Heater Linings

Brick & Tile Linings

Transfer Lines & Ductwork

T-sections, J-bends

Slide Valve Refractory

Eliminating Hot Spots (On-line Quenching)

Reactor Nozzles

Sulfur Unit Linings

Cyclone Linings

Structural Steel Fireproofing

Work is done right the first time, safely and efficiently with cooperation & reliability.   Many references are available and gladly provided.


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