Power Generation


Refractory linings are a critical part of the power generation industry, specifically in the fossil fuel segment.     And when boilers are shutdown during peak periods,  our ability to restore quality refractory linings under hurried conditions is there, ready to serve, 24/7.   We're always on call and geared to respond immediately to emergencies in the NJ, PA and DE Tri-State Area around the clock.   And we do so with reliable equipment, highly trained workforce and a warehouse of refractories readily on hand.    Our skills include:


  Firebox Linings
  Ash Hopper Linings
  Duct Linings
  Stack Linings
  Windbox Linings
  Firebrick Work
  Tube Tile
  Low NOx Retrofits      
  Target Wall Protection
  Burner Throats
  Cyclone Burner Linings
  Burner Tiles
  Knee Walls
  Baffle Tile
  Ship-lap Tile

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