Although studwelding has been in existence since the 1930's, a rebirth has been observed in the petrochemical field which started in the latter part of the last century.  Championed by the collaborative efforts of a pioneering oil refinery engineer, a welder manufacturer and Kraemer Gunite, Inc., studwelding has finally earned its rightful place at the refractory installation and maintenance table.   Used successfully for decades in the manufacturing, aerospace, civil construction and defense industries, the extremely efficient method is equally as effective for installing refractory anchors and fasteners.   Literally millions of dollars have been saved in reduced labor cost and, most importantly, shorter plant shutdowns.   And, studwelding achieves the highest quality weld attainable--A FULL PENETRATION WELD.    There is none stronger.    However, equipment owners are strictly cautioned.  As with any sophisticated technology, equipment selection, proper set up, and training of technicians is paramount and the key to successful studwelding.   Kraemer Gunite has installed millions of refractory anchors by studwelding.    It's fast.   It's inexpensive.    It works!    Kraemer provides National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors "R" Stamp qualified studwelding services.     Contact Kraemer Gunite, Inc. now to receive your free sample!


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