Concrete Repair


From its very beginning in the early 20th century, Gunite or "dry process shotcrete" has been recognized as a superior method for repairing concrete.  The Gunite process applies a special mix concrete under high pressure to the repair area.    This force increases the bond strength between the repair concrete and prepared surface resulting in a rock solid restoration.   The American Concrete Institute(ACI), who establishes industry standards, tempers these facts with the following qualifier:


 "The favorable properties (of Gunite) are contingent on proper planning and supervision,  and on skill and continuous attention by the application crew."  - American Concrete Institute


Since 1974, Kraemer Gunite has maintained the highest level of quality by using only experienced crews supervised by leading industry specialists.  We use the Gunite process to reliably restore the following:


  Concrete Bridges & Dams
  Concrete Stadiums
  Piers, Docks & Seawalls
  Parking Garages
  Boardwalk Substructures
  Parapet Walls
  Retaining Walls
  Containment Basins


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